Hey there, sun seekers and cocktail enthusiasts! We’ve got some sizzling news to share straight
from the heart of The Happy Traveler Hotel. Drumroll, please… 🥁
Our beloved winter wonderland rooftop terrace has undergone a magical metamorphosis, and
it’s officially summer-ready!


Gone are the days of cozying up under twinkling lights and festive decorations; it’s time to
embrace the warmth of the sun and the laid-back vibes of summertime. Picture this the winter
wallpapers and Christmas trees have gracefully stepped aside to make room for a burst of
summer freshness. Now, instead of evergreens, our terrace is adorned with vibrant summer
fruits, adding a pop of color and a hint of tropical flair to the scene.

But that’s not all – we’ve taken the liberty of reimagining the layout to maximize your enjoyment
of those balmy summer evenings. The barbeque buffet, once a focal point of our winter
festivities, has found a new home on the terrace, creating more space for mingling and soaking
in those breathtaking rooftop views. And speaking of views, we’ve made sure to let in plenty of
natural light, allowing you to bask in the golden glow of the sun by day and the twinkling city
lights by night.

Behind the scenes, our dedicated staff worked tirelessly to bring this transformation to life. From
hauling out winter decor to setting up the new summer-themed elements, their hard work and
creativity made it all possible. Each member of our team poured their heart and soul into
ensuring that every detail was perfect, so you can experience the magic of our rooftop terrace in
all its summertime glory.

With every corner of our rooftop terrace radiating summer vibes, there’s no better place to kick
back, unwind, and indulge in the joys of the season. Whether you’re sipping on a refreshing
cocktail, savoring the flavors of our delicious barbeque spread, or simply taking in the sights and
sounds of the city below, you’re sure to feel right at home in our summertime oasis.

So, what are you waiting for Grab your shades, gather your friends, and join us as we toast to
endless summer days and unforgettable rooftop memories. The sun is shining, the breeze is
blowing, and the terrace is calling your name. See you there! 🌞